Coin Operated Boy (lapsuslingue) wrote in ofmusic,
Coin Operated Boy

The Velvet Teen - Chimera Obscurant

It starts off simple enough; mellow tones mumbled over a steady beat, fingers tumbling over the lower octaves of the piano keys. Then comes the wailing, hidden story interlaced with the already striking lyrics. Then the build up... and the quiet. The piano, the bass, the drums, building, building... then, just when you think it's done you realize it's only just begun. An endless mantra, one long breath spent expending all of one's breath, all of one's wants, all of one's needs in a seemingly never-ending tirade.

Then, it's over, and you're hitting repeat.

"The more they interfere to forestall me / the clearer i hear her calling me, calling me"
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